One platinum piece (pp) equals 10 gold pieces. One gold piece (gp) equals 10 silver pieces. One silver piece (sp) equals 10 copper pieces (cp).

Equipment Price Guide

Characters start with armor, weapons, and standard traveling gear; prices are included for reference.

Standard Traveling Gear

Item Price
Flint and tinder box 1 sp
Money pouch (small) 3 sp
Pack/traveling satchel 1 gp
Rain cloak 3 sp
Road rations (5 days) 25 sp
Sleeping roll 1 sp
Water/wine skin or flask 7 sp

General Goods

Item Price
Arrows/bolts/sling bullet 1 sp/each
Blanket (wool) 5 sp
Candle 1 cp
Chain, dwarven forged (10 ft) 10 gp
Chain, iron (10 ft) 5 gp
Clothing, simple 2 sp
Clothing, good 1 gp
Clothing, expensive 10–100gp
Clothing, rain cloak (elven) 5 gp
Crowbar (iron) 3 gp
Flask (crystal) 5 gp
Flask (glass) 5 sp
Flask (pottery) 5 cp
Grappling hook (iron) 1 gp
Hammer, small 3 sp
Holy symbol/implement (adv) 10 gp
Holy symbol/implement (chp) 100 gp
Holy symbol/implement (epic) 1000gp
Iron spike 1 sp
Lantern (common) 8 sp
Lantern (hooded) 5 gp
Lantern oil (4 hrs) 1 sp
Magnifying glass 25 gp
Mirror, large 5 gp
Mirror, small 2 gp
Musical instrument (intricate) 5–25 gp
Musical instrument (simple) 1–5 gp
Pipeweed (1 use) 2 cp
Prayer book 2 gp
Rope, 50 ft elven 3 gp
Rope, 50 ft good 6 sp
Rope, 50 ft poor 2 sp
Spellbook (adventurer) 10 gp
Spellbook (champion) 100 gp
Spellbook (epic) 1,000 gp
Tent, large 5 gp
Tent, small 2 gp
Tent, wood elven 10 gp
Thieves’ tools (adventurer) 2 gp
Thieves’ tools (champion) 20 gp
Thieves’ tools (epic) 200 gp
Torch (1 hr.) 1 gp
Torch (6 min) 1 sp


Item Price
Road rations (1 day) 5 sp
Meal, common 1 sp
Meal, good 3 sp
Meal, excellent 8 sp
Meal, feast (for 5) 8 gp
Ale/beer, poor (pitcher) 2 cp
Ale/beer, good (pitcher) 6 cp
Ale/beer, dwarven (pitcher) 1–3 gp
Wine, poor (bottle) 4 cp
Wine, good (bottle) 1 sp
Wine, elven (bottle) 1–5 gp
Inn (per person per day)
Poor, common room 1–3 sp
Good, shared room 8–14 sp
Excellent, private room 2–5 gp
Suite (sleeps 4 to 8) 5–20 gp

Mounts (including gear)

Item Price
Dog, guard 10 gp
Dog, riding 15 gp
Donkey/pack mule 10 gp
Horse, riding 20 gp
Horse, battle trained 80 gp
Feed for mount (per day) 2–4 cp

Weapons, Melee (average quality)

Item Price
Battle gauntlets 4 gp
Battleaxe 6 gp
Club 5 sp
Dagger/knife 1 gp
Double axe 12 gp
Flail 6 gp
Greataxe 10 gp
Greatsword 10 gp
Handaxe 3 gp
Longsword 7 gp
Mace 5 gp
Maul 10 gp
Morningstar 4 gp
Pick 4 gp
Polearm 8 gp
Rapier 10 gp
Sap 5 sp
Scimitar 5 gp
Shortsword 4 gp
Spear 2 gp
Staff 1 gp
Trident 4 gp
Two-bladed sword 15 gp
Warhammer 7 gp

Weapons, Ranged (average quality)

Item Price
Bow: Longbow 14 gp
Bow: Shortbow 9 gp
Crossbow: Hand crossbow 8 gp
Crossbow: Light crossbow 10 gp
Crossbow: Heavy crossbow 15 gp
Javelin 2 gp
Net, weighted 3 gp
Sling 2 sp
Shuriken 7 sp
Throwing axe 3 gp
Throwing hammer 3 gp

Armor (average quality)

Item Price
Cloth/padded 1 gp
Leather 10 gp
Studded leather 15 gp
Hide 10 gp
Light chain 20 gp
Heavy chain/ring 30 gp
Scale 40 gp
Half-plate 45 gp
Plate 50 gp
Shield 5 gp


Item Price
Bath, with servants 1 gp
Bodyguard (d) 2 gp
Carriage/coach, one ride 2 sp
Carriage/coach 2 gp
Courier (intercity) 5 sp
Courier (long distance) 5 gp
Courier (urchin) 5 cp
Courtesan 1–100 gp
Guide, urban (d) 1 gp
Guide, wilderness (d) 5 gp
Herald (in city only) 1 gp
Lantern bearer (in city) (d) 5 sp
Mercenary, soldier (d) 5 gp
Mercenary, thug (d) 1 gp
Moneylender (cost per 100gp) 5 gp
Oracle/seer/fortune teller 5 cp to 100 gp
Personal chef (d) 1 gp
Sage 5–50 gp
Valet/manual laborer 5 cp to 5 gp
Cleric (divine spells/rituals) Varies
Wizard (arcane spells/rituals) Varies

Equipment Details

Every character has a set of gear. Each class lists the type of gear a member of that class normally uses. You can equip non-magical gear as your backgrounds and character history suggest.

As a guide to what costs what, use the Equipment Price Guide.

Armor Categories

Armor is classified as either light or heavy.

Light armor includes: Heavily padded vest, leather armor, studded leather, cured hide.

Heavy armor includes: Heavy chainmail, ring armor, scale mail, half-plate, plate armor, most dragonscale armor.

Melee Weapon Categories

These are the categories of melee weapons:

  • Small, one-handed: club, dagger, knife
  • Small, two-handed: big club, scythe
  • Light/simple, one-handed: hand axe, javelin, mace, shortsword, big knife
  • Light/simple, two-handed: spear
  • Heavy/martial, one-handed: bastard sword, battleaxe, flail, hammer, longsword, morningstar, scimitar
  • Heavy/martial, two-handed: dire flail, greataxe, greatsword, halberd, polearms, heavy warhammer

Ranged Weapon Categories

Ranged weapons can be reloaded as part of the standard action in which they are used in an attack. Hand and light crossbows require a quick action to reload. Heavy crossbows require a move action to reload.

Nearby Targets Only

  • Small, thrown: club, dagger, knife
  • Small, crossbow: hand crossbow

Nearby Targets Okay; Far Away Targets –2 Atk

  • Light/simple, thrown: axe, javelin, spear

Nearby and Far Away Targets Okay

  • Light/simple, crossbow: light crossbow
  • Light/simple, bow: shortbow, sling
  • Heavy/martial, crossbow: heavy crossbow
  • Heavy/martial, bow: longbow
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