Magic Items

Magic Items

There are two types of magic item. True magic items are permanent magic items used as loot during adventures and rewards for success. One-use items (mainly potions, oils, and runes) are magical treasure on which to spend hard-won gold. (See Loot: Treasure Rewards for notes on the wealth successful characters earn each adventure.)

One-Use Items


The common types of one-use items include potions, oils, and runes.


You can buy potions that fall in the tier of the environment you’re in. You can carry as many potions as you wish. Drinking a potion takes a standard action, even if you don’t have it in hand already. Feeding a potion to an unconscious ally is also a standard action.

You can only be under the effect of a single potion at a time. If you’re using a potion that has a lingering effect, drinking another potion ends the first effect. Non-healing potions tend to have effects that last until the end of a battle, or around five minutes if you’re prepping for a battle and drinking potions beforehand.

Healing Potions

A healing potion lets the creature drinking it heal using one of their recoveries. Potions provide bonus healing on top of what you’d generally get with a recovery, but there’s a hit point cap for the maximum healing you can get from a potion, no matter how well you roll your recovery.

Healing Potion Costs

Tier Cost Effect HP Cap
Adventurer 50 gp Recovery +1d8 hp 30
Champion 100 gp Recovery +2d8 hp 60
Epic 200 gp Recovery +3d8 hp 100
Iconic 300 gp Recovery +4d8 hp 130

Potion of [Energy] Resistance

When you drink one of these potions, you gain resistance to a single specified energy type dealt by creatures or hazards of a specific tier for the rest of the battle or for five minutes. Resistance from a potion is always 16+. Attackers of the tier covered, or lower, must roll a natural 16 or higher on their attack roll to overcome your resistance and do full damage of a type you’re resistant to, otherwise they deal half damage. Damage from a source that’s a higher tier than your potion ignores your resistance. See Resistance. For the types of resistance available, see Other Damage Types.

Resistance Potion Costs

Tier Resistance Cost
Adventurer Resist 16+ 100 gp
Champion Resist 16+ 200 gp
Epic Resist 16+ 400 gp


While potions affect creatures, magic oils affect items. Oils provide temporary magical enhancement to weapons, armor, and spellcasters’ implements.

It’s a quick action to pour magic oil on your weapon, implement, or armor. The effect lasts until the end of a battle or for five minutes before fading.

Each oil confers a bonus of +1 (adventurer), +2 (champion), or +3 (epic). Used on a weapon or a spellcasting implement, the bonus applies to attack and damage rolls. Used on armor, the bonus applies to AC.

Bonuses from oils don’t stack with magic items’ inherent bonuses. Use the higher bonus.

Oil Costs

Tier Bonus Cost
Adventurer +1 Oil 100 gp
Champion +2 Oil 200 gp
Epic +3 Oil 400 gp

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Runes function exactly like magical oils, but in addition to the expected +1/+2/+3 bonus, each rune also provides an additional random enhancement to the item it is applied to. Roll for the effect when the rune is applied to the item. An item can only have one rune applied to it at a time.

Rune Costs

Tier Bonus Cost
Adventurer +1 Rune 150 gp
Champion +2 Rune 300 gp
Epic +3 Rune 600 gp

­Random Rune Effect on Armor

Roll Effect
01–20 The bonus also applies to PD
21–40 The bonus also applies to MD
41–60 The bonus also applies to both PD and MD
61–80 As 41–60, and you can reroll one failed save while the rune is active
81–100 You can take your first rally this battle with a quick action (if you can already rally with a quick action, the action is free)

Random Rune Effect on Weapon

Roll Effect
01–20 +4 bonus to opportunity attacks
21–40 Weapon gains an energy damage type such as fire, cold, etc., and deals +1d4 damage (champion: +2d6; epic: +5d6)
41–60 +4 attack bonus on first round of combat
61–80 Weapon deals +1d10 damage while escalation die is 3+ (champion: +4d6; epic: +3d20)
81–100 Reroll one missed attack roll with weapon

Random Rune Effect on Spellcasting Implement

Roll Effect
01–20 +1 additional attack bonus if spell has only one target
21–40 Implement gains an energy damage type such as fire, negative energy, etc., and deals +1d4 damage (champion: +2d6; epic: +5d6)
41–60 +1 additional attack bonus with daily spells
61–80 +1 additional attack bonus if spell has more than one target
81–100 Reroll one missed attack roll with implement

True Magic Items

Magic items are permanently enchanted objects. You can find them during an adventure or receive them as gifts and rewards from NPCs, but you’ll seldom find anyone willing to sell one.

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Magic Item Personalities & Quirks

Every magic item in is alive, in a sense, and possesses a personality you have to interact with when you start using the item, establishing and maintaining a rapport with it. What that rapport means varies from item to item and is usually controlled by the GM. Some items talk with their user. Others communicate in bursts of emotion or slight motion.

Each item has a personality that is largely defined by its quirk. What you can count on as a default is that nearly all magic items want to be used and used well.

As an adventuring hero, you can handle a number of true magic items equal to your level. Items one tier above you count as two items, and epic items count as three items if you are an adventurer tier character.

If you are carrying and wielding a number of items that is equal to or lower than your current level, the magic item personality quirks will tug at you, giving you sudden urges and desires that will feel natural to give in to. But you’ll be in charge.

If you are carrying and wielding a number of items that is greater than your current level, the magic item personality quirks are going to have more power over you. You’re no longer running the show; instead, the magic items are, to some extent, running you. Herein lies a roleplaying challenge for the player and the GM.


You can only have one of each type of magic item (or one pair, for boots and gloves). Rings are one for each hand. You can have as many wondrous items as your overall capacity for magic items allows.

Type of Magic Item, aka Chakra Default Bonus (often +1 adventurer, +2 champion, +3 epic)
Armor, robe, shirt, tunic Armor Class
Arrow, crossbow bolt, slingstone No default bonus. The most common type of magic ammunition expands crit range by 1
Belt, swordbelt, kilt, girdle Recoveries per day
Book, scroll, manual, grimoire No default bonus. These items commonly confer knowledge or skill
Boots, sandals, slippers, shoes Disengage checks and other footwork
Cloak, mantle, cape Physical Defense
Glove, gauntlet, mitt No default bonus
Helmet, circlet, crown, cap Mental Defense
Necklace, pendant Save bonus
Ring x 2 No default bonus. Anything goes
Shield Hit points
Staff (implement) Operates as both a wand and a symbol; champion and epic tier only
Symbol, holy relic, sacred sickle (implement) Attack and damage (divine spell or attack); adventurer and champion tier only
Wand (implement) Attack and damage (arcane spell or attack); adventurer and champion tier only
Weapon, melee Attack and damage (using the weapon)
Weapon, ranged Attack and damage (using the weapon)
Wondrous item No default. Anything goes

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One Size Fits

Magic items shape themselves to suit the person who has given them their chakra.

Magic Item Basics

Some magic items are available at any level, with greater bonuses or other effects for champion- and epic-tier versions. Others can be found only at champion or epic levels.

Default Bonuses

Default Bonuses are on unless they specify otherwise. Magic necklaces have the only default bonus that is defined as provisional, a save bonus that kicks in when your hit points are low.

Magic Item Powers

Unless otherwise specified, magic item powers with a recharge chance have to be activated and require a free action to use. They will also have a trigger condition that you must meet to use the item.

Magic item powers that do not specify a recharge chance or a specific usage pattern have powers that are always available.

The majority of magic item powers list a recharge number (6+, 11+, or 16+). You can count on using a recharge power once a day, but subsequent uses depend on successful recharge rolls. After the battle in which you’ve used an item’s power, roll a d20. If your roll equals or exceeds the recharge number for that item, you can use that item power again that day. If the roll fails, the item power is expended until you take a full heal-up.

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Useful Magic Items by Class

Class Magic Items of Particular Use
Barbarian Two-handed weapon, light armor
Bard Light weapon, light armor, wand/staff
Cleric Symbol/staff, heavy armor, simple one-handed weapon, shield
Fighter One-handed martial weapon, heavy armor, shield
Paladin One-handed martial weapon, heavy armor, shield
Ranger One-handed martial weapons, bow, arrows, possibly other ranged weapons, light armor
Rogue Light weapon, light armor
Sorcerer Wand/staff, shirt (armor)
Wizard Wand/staff, shirt (armor)

Magic Item Descriptions

Each name/characteristic includes its action type, usage, description, power, and quirk (as applying to the item’s user), if applicable. Magic items in the adventurer tier can be used by players in any tier. Magic items in the champion tier cannot be used by players in the adventurer tier. Epic level magic items are limited to epic-tier players.

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Arrow, Crossbow Bolt, Slingstone

In general, ammunition is one-use, hit or miss. It also doesn’t take up a chakra, and, like other one-use items, ammunition doesn’t confer quirks on its user.

Default Bonus

Expands crit range by 1 (adventurer, champion, and epic tier, always a 1-point expansion rather than 1 point per tier). Ammunition takes the bonus of the weapon that shoots it, just like mundane ammunition does.



When you make an attack with this ammunition, the crit range of that attack expands by 1 (usually 18+ including the default bonus).

Lethal Strike

You deal +1d10 damage on a hit (champion: +2d10; epic: +4d10).

Lucky Stray

On a miss, you can make a basic ranged attack against another foe that is near the target or along your line of sight to the target (between you and the original target or past the original target).


You deal +4 damage on a miss (champion: +10; epic: +25).


When you attack with twin ammunition, a second projectile materializes out of the first and targets the same or a different enemy. Make a free action basic ranged attack for it with a +8 attack bonus instead of your normal bonus (champion: +12; epic: +16).



Bursts into fire as it flies. You deal 8 extra ongoing fire damage on a hit (epic: 20 ongoing fire).



When you hit with this ammunition and deal damage, if the target has 40 hp or fewer after the hit, the creature drops to 0 hp. If it hits but fails to drop its target, the ammunition is not used up. It must of course be retrieved.


It warps the forces of necessity and miracle as it flies. When you attack with this ammunition, use the target’s lowest defense instead of the defense your attack would normally target.

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Armor, Robe, Shirt, Tunic

Most magic armor powers can apply to heavy armor, light armor, or even no armor (robes or other clothing).

Default Bonus

+1 AC (adventurer); +2 AC (champion); +3 AC (epic).



You gain a +4 bonus to all defenses during your first turn in battle.

Quirk: Needlessly provocative.

Iron Will

The default AC bonus applies to Mental Defense as well.

Quirk: Prone to abstract speculation.


Enemies engaged with you take a –2 attack penalty against allies without splendor.

Quirk: Fastidious about clothing and gear.

Stone Flesh

The default AC bonus applies to Physical Defense as well.

Quirk: Extremely stubborn.


You gain resistance 12+ against attacks targeting Physical Defense or Mental Defense.

Quirk: Stretches and meditates whenever inactive.

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Belt, Swordbelt, Kilt, Skirt, Girdle, Sash

Default Bonus

Increase your maximum recoveries: by 1 (adventurer); by 2 (champion); by 3 (epic).


Blademaster’s Belt

One magical sword sheathed on this belt gains a +2 bonus to recharge rolls for its own powers.

Quirk: Worries too much about tiny details.

Potion Belt

(Recharge 16+)

Drink a potion stored on this belt as a quick action instead of a standard action. (It also provides slots for up to six potions.) Quirk: Constantly attempts to refill everyone else’s drinks. Or potions. Or ration bags.

Victory by Inches

You must carry a single magic melee weapon that you keep attached to this item for it to manifest its power. When using that weapon, apply the weapon’s magic bonus to miss damage.

Quirk: Have a hard time taking no for an answer.



(Recharge 16+)

When you drop to 0 hit points or lower, heal using a recovery before falling unconscious.

Quirk: Bursts forth with wildly optimistic comments from time to time.

Sash of Suppleness

(Recharge 6+)

A silky sash worn as a belt. When an attack hits your AC and deals 16 damage or less, change that hit into a miss (epic: 40 damage or less).

Quirk: Always stretching, even when it would be more polite or sensible to not be doing so.


Kilt of the Mad Archmage

(Recharge 11+)

When you drop one or more foes with an arcane spell attack, heal using a recovery and gain a +4 bonus to attack rolls with spells until the end of your next turn.

Quirk: Roll eyes and giggle too often for comfort.

Totem Kilt

A hide-and-fur skirt bedecked with garish tribal charms, totemic symbols, and spirit knots. You can reroll the first death save you make each battle. Add +2 to the roll.

Quirk: Sometimes speaks with the voices of ancestors.


Whenever you take ongoing damage, roll an immediate save to end the effect without taking damage first.

Quirk: Fascinated by patterns.

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Book, Scroll, Tome, Grimoire

Mastering a book requires a course of study and practice, usually accomplished over a day or more. Sometimes a book will reject a reader, leaving them either confounded or disturbed.

Default Bonus



Manual of Enlightened Flesh

You gain a +1 bonus to all skill checks based on Str, Con, or Dex.

Quirk: Takes heightened satisfaction in their own physical prowess.

Scroll of Seven Subtle Serpents

(Recharge 6+)

When you make a melee attack based on Dexterity, Intelligence, or Wisdom, evoke a special ability of your choice. Pick the ability from one of the following options after seeing whether the attack is a hit.

  • Deal +1d6 damage on a hit (champion: +2d8; epic: +4d10).
  • Deal +1d4 damage on a miss (champion: +2d6; epic: +4d8).
  • Gain a +1 bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn.
  • Pop free from one enemy.
  • Gain 1d10 temporary hit points (champion: 3d8; epic: 8d8).
  • Roll a save against an ongoing save ends effect.

Quirk: Always in constant motion, or swaying gently when still.

Tome of the Divinities and their Deeds

(Recharge 16+)

When you cast a divine spell, heal using a recovery and add +1d6 hit points to the total (champion: +2d8 hp; epic: +4d10 hp).

Quirk: Sees the hands of the gods operating subtly through the natural and social world, and makes others aware of it.


Manual of Puissant Skill at Arms

(Recharge 11+)

When you miss with a melee attack, reroll the attack using +15 as your attack bonus instead of your own bonus (epic: +20). If an arcane spellcaster reads this manual, it hurts their brain and permanently reduces their maximum hit points by 4 (epic: by 10).

Quirk: Constantly checking self out and flexing, and seems to want to be caught doing that.


Tome of Arcane Mysteries

(Recharge 11+)

When you make an attack roll with an arcane spell, after finding out whether the attack hits, change the attack roll to a 10 instead of the natural roll.

Quirk: Doodles insane geometrical designs.

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Boots, Shoes, Sandals, Slippers

Default Bonus

Disengage checks and other checks involving fancy footwork: +1 bonus (adventurer); +2 bonus (champion); +3 bonus (epic).


Boots of Elvenkind

You gain a +4 bonus to skill checks to walk quietly.

Quirk: Develops a love of elegant elven poetry.

Boots of Sure Feet

You can walk or run normally through terrain that would usually slow one down, such as rubble, undergrowth, muck, etc. The boots don’t protect you against damage or similar effects incurred from inhospitable terrain.

Quirk: Becomes exceptionally picky about diet.

Boots of Ferocious Charge

Whenever you move to engage a foe first and then make a melee attack against it during the same turn, you deal +1d6 damage, hit or miss (champion: +2d8; epic: +4d10).

Quirk: You like to start fights as much as you like to finish them.

Sandals of the Slippery Eel

(Recharge 11+)

Reroll a failed disengage check.

Quirk: Loves puns.

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Cloak, Mantle, Cape

Default Bonus

Physical defense: +1 PD (adventurer); +2 PD (champion); +3 PD (epic).



Add +4 to checks to hide in natural surroundings.

Quirk: Prefers the finest things in life; of course, they are elven.


(Recharge 6+)

When you take damage from an opportunity attack, take 20 less damage from it (champion: 40; epic: 100) Quirk: You can’t answer a question directly even if you want to.


(Quick action – recharge 16+)

You heal using a recovery and add +4 hp to the total (champion: +10 hp; epic: +25 hp).

Quirk: You grow small extra appendages that slowly wither away over days or weeks.


(Recharge 16+)

When an attack against your Physical Defense hits, make the attacker reroll the attack and use a PD of 15 instead (champion: 20; epic: 25).

Quirk: Always the last to retreat or avoid danger.



(Recharge 11+)

When a foe you’re engaged with targets your ally with an attack that doesn’t include you, make that enemy target you instead of that ally. Declare your choice before the attack is rolled. (Epic: recharge 6+.) Quirk: Compelled to the defense of others, even those who might not need defending.



(Recharge 16+)

When an attack against your Physical Defense hits, change that hit into a miss instead.

Quirk: Attempts stunts of toughness and daring that a person less convinced of their invulnerability might be wise enough to avoid.

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Gloves, Gauntlets

Default Bonus




(Recharge 11+)

When you roll a natural 16+ with your first melee attack during your turn while wielding a weapon in your off-hand, make a melee attack with the weapon in your off-hand as a free action, using +10 as your attack bonus (champion: +15; epic: +20).

Quirk: Writes with both hands at the same time on different parts of the page. It freaks people out.

Archer’s Gauntlets

(Recharge 16+)

When you miss with a ranged weapon attack, reroll it using +10 as your attack bonus (champion: +15; epic: +20).

Quirk: You’re quiet. Too quiet. Say something.

Gauntlets of Clobbering

(Recharge 16+)

You deal +1d8 damage with two-handed weapons until the end of the battle (champion: +2d8; epic: +4d10).

Quirk: Clobber first, talk later.

Gloves of Mind Rot

(Recharge 6+)

When you hit one or more foes with an arcane spell attack, deal +1d10 psychic damage to one target of the attack (champion: +2d10; epic: +5d10).

Quirk: The texture of your skin seems wrong to everyone else, but you know it’s all in their minds and often explain that to them.

Jeweled Glove

(Recharge 6+)

When you cast a divine spell, allow one nearby ally to roll a save against one ongoing save ends effect as a free action.

Quirk: Alternately paranoid that people are looking too closely at your precious jeweled glove and upset that people aren’t paying enough attention to your amazing jeweled glove.

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Helmet, Crown, Diadem, Circlet

Default Bonus

Mental defense: +1 MD (adventurer); +2 MD (champion); +3 MD (epic).


Circlet of Approachability

While wearing this circlet, in regular social situations, you appear to others as someone who belongs there. You easily fit in with new groups of people, unless there is some particular reason for others to be suspicious. The circlet has no power in unusual social situations.

Quirk: Peppers speech with needless foreign words.

Helm of Fortunate Dodging

(Recharge 11+, and see below)

When an enemy misses you with an attack against your AC or PD, change that miss into a fumble (no damage or possibly a negative outcome).

Quirk: Easily moved to dancing by rhythmic music, and taps foot when there is no music.

Helm of the Undaunted Hero

(Recharge 6+): When your turn starts, roll a save against one ongoing save ends effect.

Quirk: Favors traditional battle hymns.


Crown of the Mighty Strike

(Recharge 16+)

This slim but elegant crown wants to share your glory and thus needs you to be glorious. It continually presses you to take bold actions. If the escalation die is 3+, use your next daily attack power this battle as a quick action.

Quirk: Likely to make bold statements or undertake bold actions, especially by reflex.

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Necklace, Pendant

Default Bonus

+1 to saves when you have 10 hp or fewer (adventurer); 25 hp or fewer (champion); 50 hp or fewer (epic).



(Recharge 11+)

When you hit with a melee attack while you’re staggered, gain 10 temporary hit points (champion: 25 temporary hp; epic: 50 temporary hp).

Quirk: Swaggers even when overmatched.


The stones in the necklace breathe, ever so slightly. You gain a +5 bonus to death saves, if failure would kill you. You also gain a +5 bonus to last gasp saves.

Quirk: Chides others for taking risks when they have lesser magical protection.


(Recharge 16+)

This necklace changes shape and jewels depending on the race of the wearer. When you use this necklace, you gain another use of your racial power in the battle.

Quirk: Sometimes unwittingly speaks in a language that sounds like it could be the original language of their race, if anyone else could understand it.

Water Breathing

(Recharge 6+)

This band of aquamarine and pearls enables you to breathe water for a short time, usually about five minutes. The effect wears off slowly, so you’ll have warning to get to the surface.

Quirk: Hiccups in stressful situations.

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Default Bonus




(Recharge 6+)

When you take damage from an attack, prevent 10 of that damage (champion: prevent 20; epic: prevent 40).

Quirk: Stubborn.


This brilliant, gem-encrusted ring gives you an aura of status (and whatever that entails). Everyone can see it, even if they don’t know why.

Quirk: Becomes more and more obsessed with the idea that all their accomplishments are undeserved and that they themselves are frauds. This obsession often drives them to heroic acts.


(Recharge 6+)

When you use this ring, heal using a recovery.

Quirk: Eats an odd vegetarian diet and advocates it loudly.


While the ring is on your finger, if you shut both eyes and concentrate, you can see through the ring, allowing you to peer around corners and such.

Quirk: You’re always prying into things that should maybe be left shut; doors, topics of conversation, taboos….

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Default Bonus

Increase your maximum hit points: by +4 (adventurer); by +10 (champion); by +25 (epic).



Whenever an enemy’s attack hits your Physical Defense or Mental Defense, you gain a +4 bonus to that defense until an attack against that defense (including the bonus) misses you, or until the end of the battle.

Quirk: Takes on mannerisms of those around them.


Enemies engaged with you take a –1 attack penalty against your allies.

Quirk: Tends to others with too much familiarity.


(Recharge 6+)

When you make a basic melee attack, make a recharge roll for one expended power.

Quirk: Tremendous appetite for meat.


(Recharge 11+)

When you make a basic melee attack, heal using a recovery.

Quirk: Eats an odd vegetarian diet and advocates it loudly.


(Recharge 6+)

When you make a basic melee attack, roll a save against one ongoing damage effect.

Quirk: Continually fails to finish sentences, stopping in mid-thoug….

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A staff counts as both a wand (arcane spells) and a symbol (divine spells). Staffs are champion or epic items only. Epic staffs don’t like to be around lesser staffs, and do not abide wands.

Default Bonus

Attack and damage with an arcane or divine spell or attack: +2 (champion); +3 (epic).


Diabolical Staff

(Recharge: 16+, but see below)

You can evoke the power of the staff to gain additional attention and power from the spirits of darkness. When you roll relationship dice with a villainous icon, treat a single 4 as a 5. If you don’t roll a 4, the staff recharges automatically during your next quick rest.

Quirk: Exaggerates a chaotic or destructive trait that is already there.

Staff of Health

When you cast spells that heal or provide temporary hit points, add 4 to the total (epic: 8).

Quirk: The diseased of nearly every population center somehow know to seek you out for healing.

Staff of the Diffident Magician

(Recharge 6+)

The first time an enemy engages you, make an opportunity attack against that enemy. On a hit, you deal +2d8 damage with that attack (epic: +4d10) and daze the foe until the end of its turn, if the creature is large or smaller (epic: any size).

Quirk: Doesn’t like to be touched.

Staff of the Uncrowned King

(Recharge 6+)

When you use this power, you automatically succeed on a save against an effect created or caused by an undead enemy.

Quirk: You see dead people…sometimes.


Staff of the Imperium

(Standard action – recharge 16+)

The power of this golden staff can only be invoked by a spellcaster who has a positive or conflicted relationship with any ruling icon. When you use this power, you can use the power of any other magic item you have touched since your last full heal-up, but you can only use each such individual item power once ever.

Quirk: Becomes certain that they are destined to rule.

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Symbol, Holy Symbol, Relic, Sacred Branch

Sometimes a symbolic magic item is a gem or rune that can be attached to any of various holy symbols. Typically a divine spellcaster pries the gem or other adornment off a foreign holy symbol and affixes it to their own mundane holy symbol. Symbols are only appropriate for adventurer- and champion-level characters. For epic-level spellcasting items, get a staff.

Default Bonus

Attack and damage with a divine spell or attack: +1 (adventurer); +2 (champion).


Divine Harmony, Knot of

(Standard action – recharge 16+)

When you use this knot, you can serve in a priestly function for nearly any god or ritual. You can use this power to meet a free-form challenge, at the GM’s discretion.

Quirk: Believes in everything.

Dodging Doom, Symbol of

(Recharge 6+)

When you cast a divine spell on an ally, that ally can roll a save against one ongoing save ends effect as a free action.

Quirk: Wildly optimistic.

Gathered Power, Symbol of

(Recharge with full heal-up)

When you use this symbol during a quick rest, you regain an expended daily adventurer-level spell (1st or 3rd level, in practice) (champion: champion-level spell, 5th or 7th).

Quirk: Has one-track mind.

The Gods and Goddesses, Gem of

(Recharge 6+)

When you cast a daily divine spell on an ally, that ally also heals 10 hit points.

Quirk: Insists on courtesy even in situations where none should be required.

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Wands are only appropriate for adventurer- and champion-level characters. For epic-level spellcasting items, get a staff.

Default Bonus

Attack and damage with arcane spells or attacks: +1 (adventurer); +2 (champion).


Wand of the Mage’s Invisible Aegis

(Recharge 16+)

When you use this wand, you can cast the wizard‘s shield spell, with a level no higher than your level. (Champion: recharge 11+).

Quirk: Hums tunelessly.

Wand of the Unfettered Minion

(Quick action – recharge: 11+)

When you use this wand, a creature who is at least somewhat subservient to you gains a +1 bonus to melee attacks and damage until the end of the battle (champion: +2 bonus).

Quirk: Switches unexpectedly into ‘evil mastermind’ tone of voice.


Wand of Unerring Pain

(See below – recharge 16+): When you miss with a spell that targets a single enemy, as a quick action immediately afterward, fire a magical missile that automatically hits that creature for 4d10 force damage.

Quirk: Stares intently, often at nothing.

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Default Bonus

Attacks and damage when using the weapon: +1 (adventurer); +2 (champion); +3 (epic).



(Melee weapon)

You deal +2d6 damage with your first attack each battle using this weapon (champion: +4d6; epic: +4d12).

Quirk: Blurts out obscenities. (For decorum’s sake, use euphemisms when speaking in character.)


(Any weapon)

When you crit with a natural 20 using this weapon, you deal crit damage instead of normal damage if you hit with this weapon again during your next turn.

Quirk: Has taste for red meat.


(Any weapon – recharge 11+)

When damage from this weapon leaves an enemy with 20 hit points or fewer, you deal 5 ongoing damage to it (champion: 40 hp/10 ongoing damage; epic: 80 hp/20 ongoing damage).

Quirk: Tortures flies.

Dexterous Parry

(One-handed melee weapon – recharge 11+)

When an enemy you are engaged with hits you while you’re wielding this weapon, make a Dexterity check against the attacker’s MD. If you succeed, the attack misses instead.

Quirk: Jumpy and suspicious.


(Two-handed melee weapon – recharge 11+)

When you hit with this weapon, allow one of your allies engaged with that foe to make a basic melee attack against it as a free action.

Quirk: Intrudes on personal space.


(Two-handed melee weapon – recharge 11+)

When you make a basic attack, make a second basic attack against a different enemy as a free action.

Quirk: Fidgety.

Greater Striking

(Melee weapon)

While the escalation die is 3+, you deal +1d8 damage whenever you hit with this weapon (champion: +2d8; epic: +4d8).

Quirk: Favors iron and steel, seeing little beauty in gold or gems.


(Any weapon)

When you hit with an attack using this weapon, if that enemy is the most dangerous foe in the battle (or tied for most dangerous, GM’s assessment), you deal +1d4 per tier damage to it (champion: +1d8 per tier; epic: +1d10 per tier).

Quirk: Challenges others to improvised contests.


(Any weapon)

When you hit with this weapon, you can deal +1d10 damage to that enemy (champion: +2d10; epic: +4d10). If you do, you also take that extra damage.

Quirk: Bites nails, or a similar darker habit.


(Melee weapon – quick action – recharge 6+)

If you have attacked with this weapon this turn, allow an ally to roll a save against an ongoing save ends effect as a free action.

Quirk: Drones on about how healing grace will save all the worlds.

Mighty Swing

(Two-handed melee weapon – move action)

You deal +1d8 damage with your next melee attack with this weapon that hits this turn (champion: +2d8; epic: +4d8). If you miss, you take that damage instead.

Quirk: Tends to break things.


(Melee weapon – recharge 6+)

When you make a basic attack with this weapon, gain a +4 bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn (champion: +5; epic: +6).

Quirk: Has urges to watch over the helpless or innocent.


(Melee weapon – recharge 16+)

When you make a basic attack with this weapon, make a recharge roll for one power.

Quirk: Tremendous appetite for meat.


(Ranged weapon – recharge 11+)

Before rolling a ranged attack with this weapon, choose 10 as the natural roll for that attack.

Quirk: Talks too much about the weather.

Unstinting Virtue

(Melee weapon – recharge 11+)

When you make a basic attack with this weapon, roll a save against a save ends effect.

Quirk: Insists that all weakness is an illusion.


(Melee weapon)

When you hit with this weapon, deal +1d6 damage to that enemy if you are the only one engaged with it (champion: +2d6; epic: +4d6).

Quirk: Tells their name (their real one) to everyone.


(Melee weapon)

When you hit with this weapon while you are staggered, deal +1d6 damage to that enemy.

Quirk: Quick to take offense.


Longbow of Fallen Grace

(+3 longbow – recharge 16+)

If your elven grace racial ability roll failed this turn, use the natural result of this bow’s attack roll as another elven grace roll, after you see the roll.

Quirk: Complains too often that the glorious centuries of old are gone forever.

Mighty Stunning

(One-handed blunt 1d6 melee weapon – recharge 16+)

When you roll a natural even hit with this weapon and have more hit points than the target, that creature is also stunned until the end of its next turn.

Quirk: Warns of impending doom.


(Melee weapon – recharge 6+)

Reroll one of your attack rolls with a +4 bonus. In addition, until the end of the battle, enemies attacking you add the escalation die to their attack roll (no effect if the enemy already adds it for some reason).

Quirk: Low impulse control, particularly when it comes to impulsive movements through doors, onto railings, or over tables.


Greatsword of Utter Night

(+3 greatsword – recharge 6+)

When you hit with this weapon, you spirit away that enemy and yourself to an empty void beyond time where only the two of you face each other for a short time. Neither you nor your foe can move, but you can sure fight. Your enemy acts first, then you, and then you are both spirited back to the real world exactly where you were when the power triggered. Bystanders only see a flash of black.

Quirk: Has disturbing dreams that can’t be remembered, or at the very least must not be.

Incomparable Axe of Wyrm Chopping

(+3 axe)

Whenever you attack a dragon with the axe, you deal +40 damage, hit or miss. The GM determines just how broadly the term ‘dragon‘ applies.

Quirk: Speaks in Draconic, first just curses, but then more and more elements of speech.

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Wondrous Items

You can attune multiple wondrous items. They don’t fill up a chakra.

Default Bonus


Lore Bottle

A bottle of translucent glass, sealed with lead, with a ghastly face that peers out at you. When you ask it questions, it answers in the form of vague hunches. For tough questions, the face might fade out for a while, apparently searching somewhere for an answer. Owning the bottle gives you +2 bonus to Intelligence-based skill checks, if you have the time (and privacy) to consult the lore bottle. Chances are, your particular lore bottle has some sort of specialty or bias, which you will discover only through use. Unlike most magic items, lore bottles can often be found for sale, but you probably don’t want those.

Quirk: The connection formed with the face in the bottle can be compelling and unsettling, as the spirit literally ‘gets in your head.’ Each bottle has a different effect on its owner.

Dwarven Mug

One in four mugs of ale you drink from this mug will be magically transformed into the very finest non-magical dwarven ale. If your relationship with the mug is good, the variety might even suit your current mood and the odds of getting a good brew might improve in your favor. But really, who’s going to complain about putting down a second, or even third, mug for the chance to get a taste of the best stuff? When that excellent ale does show up, you can share a sip or two with a friend, but other attempts to capitalize on this mug’s magic will just shut it down until it can find a more suitable owner.

Quirk: Speaks in dwarven, especially while drunk, even if ordinarily unable to speak dwarven.

Rope of Entangling

Fifty feet of fine, spidersilk rope, woven so closely that it seems like a solid, flexible cable. Once you attune the rope during a full heal-up, you can make it entangle things with standard action commands. In combat, it’s not that useful, because it’s slow compared to a living thing. If the target is stationary, however, the rope excels at reaching, climbing, snaking, coiling, and entangling. You might be able to get the rope to bind a ferocious monster, but the rope is likely to get destroyed in the process.

Quirk: Speaks in sentences for which ‘convoluted’ is the only proper term.

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Cursed Magic Items

Cursed items can be useful, though all of them have significant drawbacks.


Blade of Unerring Panache

(+2 weapon)

When you attack with this weapon and miss, you lose 4 hp (champion: 10 hp; epic: 25 hp).

Quirk: Tells the same stories over and over.

Sword of Relentless Glory

(+2 weapon)

If you don’t make a melee attack with this weapon during your turn, it shuts down and its default bonus becomes +0 until the end of the battle.

Quirk: Spouts furious curses in battle.

Wand of the Bloodless Mage

(+2 implement)

When you attack using this wand, you lose 1 hp (champion: 3 hp; epic: 6 hp).

Quirk: Laughs turn hollow or spectral.


Any adventurer cursed item bumped up, or…

Axe of Bloody Vengeance

(+3 weapon)

You cannot rally during a battle.

Quirk: Carves patterns into own skin with fingernails.

Brazen Armor

(+3 armor)

When an attack against your AC crits you, the armor ‘goes quiet’ and its default bonus becomes +0 until the end of the battle.

Quirk: Becomes unreliable with forgettable tasks.


Any lower item bumped up, or…

Great Low Sickle

(+5 weapon)

You deal +5 damage with missed attacks, but all of your defenses take a –3 penalty.

Staff of Dark Karma


When you hit with a spell attack, deal extra damage to one target. If the spell targets one enemy, deal +4d10 damage. Otherwise, deal +2d10 damage. In addition, the first time you take damage each battle, you lose 20 hp.

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