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The major races included in the 13th Age Archmage Engine include humans, dwarves, elves, gnomes, half-elves, half-orcs, and halflings. Your character need not be limited to these races, however. Minor races, including Dragonic/Dragonspawn, Holy One/Aasimar, Forgeborn/Dwarf-forged, and Tiefling/Demontouched, are also referenced below.

Each race is associated with two ability scores, one of which can be chosen for your character’s racial bonus.

Race Str Con Dex Int Wis Cha Any
Human             +2
Dwarf   +2     +2    
Dark Elf     +2     +2  
High Elf       +2   +2  
Wood Elf     +2   +2    
Gnome     +2 +2      
Half-elf   +2       +2  
Half-orc +2   +2        
Halfling   +2 +2        
Dragonic/Dragonspawn +2         +2  
Holy One/Aasimar         +2 +2  
Forgeborn/Dwarf-forged +2 +2          
Tiefling/Demontouched +2     +2      
13th Age Compatible Race Str Con Dex Int Wis Cha Any
Catfolk     +2     +2  
Hagborn         +2 +2  
Lizardfolk +2   +2        
Merfolk   +2       +2  
Samsarans       +2 +2    

The character also receives a separate class bonus. These two bonuses must apply to different ability scores.

Each race also provides the character a special power that can be used once per battle. (It is regained after a quick rest.) This is called the racial power.