Android (3pp)


Racial Bonus

+2 Dex or +2 Int

Nanomachines (Racial Power)

Once per battle, you may activate the hyper-intelligent nanites within your body to aid you in a task as a move action. Doing so allows you to roll your next d20 roll twice and take the desired result.

Champion Feat: Using your nanomachines is now a quick action.

Constructed Races

Two of the races presented here, androids and geppettoans, as well as the forgeborn from the 13th Age Core Rulebook, are constructed beings imbued with sparks of life or intelligence. The core rules offer some simple approaches to whether or not such characters should be altered, and to what degree. Here’s another set of options for these races that offer a quick and dirty simulation of these creature types:

  • Constructs aren’t biological beings—they don’t eat, drink, breathe, or sleep. This trait renders them immune to the wizard’s sleep spell or other effects which would take advantage of such mundane mortal concerns—GMs should use their own discretion when ruling on these matters. However, constructs do still require normal rest as detailed in the ‘Rest And Recharge’ section of Chapter 5 of the 13th Age Core Book to use or regain recoveries, reset hit points, and recharge powers. The down side to this benefit is that any healing a construct being receives from a cure wounds or other similar cleric spells is halved. The same is not true of potions, which can be alchemically altered to fully benefit a construct when brewed.
  • All construct characters have resistance 12+ to holy, negative energy, and poison damage. However, each construct race also has a damage vulnerability to balance out this benefit. We suggest some vulnerabilities for each of those races below, but a GM should feel free to change these as desired to suit their own campaign mythos.
    1. Androids are vulnerable to lightning damage, which scrambles their programming and temporarily disrupts their neuronanites.
    2. Forgeborn are vulnerable to psychic damage, since they typically are imbued with psychic energy in order to function independently.
    3. Geppettoans are vulnerable to fire damage, due to the wooden materials used to craft their bodies.
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