Catfolk (3pp)


Racial Bonus

+2 Dex or +2 Cha

Adventurer Tier Catfolk Feat (Feline Grace): You disengage on an easy save (6+). Also, once per battle, you can move without being intercepted, but you must not be engaged with an enemy at the beginning of that move.

Cat’s Luck (Racial Power)

Once per battle, reroll a single attack or save after its result is known, and add double the escalation die to the new result (this replaces the single escalation die bonus on most attack rolls).

Champion Feat: Add the escalation die to all of your defenses until the end of your next turn when you use this power.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Book of Heroic Races: Age of Races 1. © 2016, Jon Brazer Enterprises

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