Moonblooded (3pp)


Racial Bonus

+2 Wis; also see Racial Power

Change Shape (Racial Power)

You may shapeshift into a bestial form as a standard action once per battle. When you do so, you can increase either your Str, Dex, or Con by +2, and your unarmed melee attacks deal damage as though you were wielding a two-handed light or simple weapon for your class (unless you are a monk and your damage dice and attack bonus for such an attack would be higher than this amount, in which case you use the better of the two).

Champion Feat: You now change shape as a move action, and your unarmed melee attacks benefit from the effects of two-weapon fighting (see the “Attacks” section of Chapter Five: Combat Rules in the 13th Age core rules).

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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