Half-Ogre (3pp)



Racial Bonus

+3 Str or +3 Con

Special: When you assign a half-ogre player character’s ability scores, both Strength and Constitution must appear in their top three ability scores. It’s okay for one or both of these scores to be tied with a score that’s out of your top three scores, but neither Strength nor Constitution can drop out of the top three at 1st level.

Brutal (Racial Power)

Once per battle, before making an attack, you can choose to take disadvantage on the attack roll. If you still hit, you deal double damage. You cannot use this power if the attack already had disadvantage, and advantage cannot cancel this disadvantage.

Racial Feats

Nasty Brute (Half-ogre) DATP

Adventurer Feat When you miss with an attack, deal additional damage equal to your level.

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