Rocksoul (3pp)



Racial Bonus

+2 Con or +2 Int

Stone Heart (Racial Power)

Once per battle, when you take damage, reduce the damage by three times your level as an interrupt action. If you reduce the damage of an attack that would also cause you to pop free or get pushed, ignore that effect.

Champion Feat The next time you take damage after using the power, reduce it by twice your level, and the next time after that by your level.

Racial Feats

Elemental Charge (Elemental Soul, any element) DATP

Adventurer Feat Whenever you use a daily spell, the next spell you cast that battle deals extra damage equal to the previous spell’s level.

Steadfast (Rocksoul) DATP

Adventurer Feat When an enemy attack would force you to pop free or move, you can immediately roll a normal save (11+) to avoid the effect.


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