Watersoul (3pp)



Racial Bonus

+2 Con or +2 Wis

Adventurer Feat Gain resist acid 16+.

Water breathing

Watersouls can breathe underwater.

Rippling Waves (Racial Power)

Once per battle, as a free action when you are attacked by a nearby enemy, keep a copy of the natural roll of that attack. Once before the end of your next turn, when you would roll a d20, you can use the copied roll instead of rolling a die.

Champion Feat Instead of deciding before you roll, you can roll a d20 and decide to swap in the copied d20 if you don’t like the result.

Racial Feats

Elemental Charge (Elemental Soul, any element) DATP

Adventurer Feat Whenever you use a daily spell, the next spell you cast that battle deals extra damage equal to the previous spell’s level.

Liquid Body (Watersoul) DATP

Adventurer Feat You have advantage on skill checks to escape grabs or handcuffs, squeeze through narrow spaces, or perform similar acts that require you to contort your body.


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