Goblin (3pp)



Racial bonus

+2 Constitution OR +2 Intelligence OR +2 Wisdom

Racial powers

Your racial power comes from your tribe.

Spirit Guardian (Bonewraith tribal power)

When you become staggered you gain +2 to all its defenses until
you are next hit.

Champion Feat Bonus increases to +4 and you can make an
immediate basic attack as a free action against the enemy
who staggered you.

Epic Feat When you become staggered you immediately deal
10 points damage to all nearby enemies.

Speaks With Machines (Dust Digger tribal power)

Gain a +2 bonus to checks for understanding how a mechanical
device works, and for sabotaging, disabling or repairing a mechanism.

Champion Feat Bonus increases to +4 and you gain a daily
cure wounds spell (as a cleric of the same level) usable only
on constructs.

Epic Feat You realize that organic bodies are just another
kind of machine! Your daily cure wounds spell is now usable on any living creature.

Ghost Life (Ghost Goblin tribal power)

The first time you would be reduced to 0 hit points during a battle you are instead reduced to 5 hit points. If you are currently at 5 or fewer hit points, you take no damage.

Champion Feat You also regenerate 5 hit points at the
beginning of each turn until the end of the battle, or when
you are next reduced to 0 hit points.

Epic Feat If you are reduced to 0 hit points or less, have failed
at least one death save, and you have at least one recovery left, you may use that recovery on your next turn to rise again as an undead ghost goblin. Start from 0 hit points and add the hit points you regained from using the recovery.

The following conditions will apply to you as an undead: You do not breathe, eat, or sleep or get tired. You are immune to ongoing poison damage, and to the confused, dazed, fear, stunned, and weakened effects. Negative energy damage heals you instead. Healing spells and potions do not affect you. You are vulnerable to holy attacks, and are affected by spells, attacks, abilities, talents and powers that target undead. If you are reduced to 0 hit points or less you are immediately destroyed (no death saves). You cannot be returned to life/undeath by anything that raises or reincarnates the dead. Resurrection returns you to life as a living goblin, not an undead one.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Midgard Bestiary 13th Age Compatible. © 2014, Open Design LLC; Author Ash Law.

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