Holy One/Aasimar

Holy One / Aasimar

Racial Bonus

+2 Wis or +2 Cha

Halo (Racial Power)

Once per battle as a free action during your turn, gain a +2 bonus to all defenses until you are hit by an attack (or until the battle ends).

Champion Feat: Halo also activates automatically any time you heal using a recovery.

Racial Feats

Divine Balance (Holy One / Aasimar)

Source DaTP

Adventurer Feat Whenever you make a skill check, you can choose to roll 3d6 instead of 1d20. Treat the result as if you had rolled the same number on 1d20.

Divine Enmity (Holy One / Aasimar)

Source DaTP

Adventurer Feat You have a +1 bonus to attacks against demons and devils.

Divine Touch (Holy One / Aasimar)

Source DaTP

Adventurer Feat Once per battle, you can touch an adjacent ally as a quick action to let them use a recovery to heal.

Searing Halo (Holy One / Aasimar)

Source DaTP

Adventurer Feat While your Halo racial power is active, deal holy damage equal to the higher of your Wisdom or Charisma modifier (x2 at 5th level; x3 at 8th) to any enemy that hits you with an attack.


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