Space Corps Explorer

Space Corps Explorer

Racial Bonus

Alleykin gain a +2 bonus to either Dexterity or Intelligence.

Space Corps Survival Belt (Racial Power)

You’ve got an array of technological gadgets in your belt—an anti-grav booster, a narrowbeam comm projector, a holoshell and so forth. You can use these gadgets to cast a non-magical duplicate of utility spell once per battle or scene. You cast the spells at your level, or one level below. You need to make an Intelligence skill check to pull off the effect. The DC for the check depends on the effect desired:
Featherfall: DC15
Disguise self, hold portal: DC20
Message, levitate, “speak with item”: DC25
Water breathing, scrying: DC30
If the test fails, you fail to cast the “spell” and you can’t use your survival belt again until after the battle or scene.

Adventurer Feat You can cast the wizard spell shield once per day.

Champion Feat You may use your Space Corps survival belt twice per battle or scene.

Epic Feat You can cast the wizard spell flight once per day.

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