Racial Bonus

Spiritborn gain a +2 bonus to either Wisdom or Charisma.

Spirit’s flesh

Your character has resist 16+ to a type of damage that makes sense for your character (like cold for a winter spirit). Your character is also vulnerable to force damage.

Spirit-Form (Racial Power)

Once per battle at the start of your turn, you may let your physical form lapse and become a spirit. Remove yourself from play. While removed from play, you may still affect the world with a manifestation that makes sense for the type of spirit you are (you decide your spirit type when you create your character). A simple effect could be dealing 1d4 X your level damage of the appropriate type on a nearby enemy. Other effects are possible: maybe instead of damage, a wind or river spirit causes an enemy to lose their next move action as they are knocked off their feet; perhaps a storm spirit causes a nearby enemy to be dazed until the end of its next turn by a flash of light; or a dream spirit could cause a nearby creature to be vulnerable until the end of its next turn as it experiences a vision of its own demise. Conditions like stunned and weakened are much too strong for this power.
At the start of your next turn place yourself someplace nearby your previous location, and you are dazed until the end of that turn because of the transition between worlds.

Adventurer Feat Once per day when you are targeted by an attack against AC or PD that doesn’t deal force damage, decide that you will take no damage or any other effect from that attack. Once per level, you can use this effect on an attack that does the damage type you inflict in spirit-form without expending your daily use of this feat.

Champion Feat Spirit-form no longer causes you to be dazed after its use, and you may increase the effect of your manifestation as follows: 1d8 X level damage instead of 1d4; damage 1d3 nearby enemies instead of just 1; dazed, stuck, or vulnerable (save ends) effects are fine; same weakened until the end of their next turn (still no stunned), etc.

Epic Feat Once per day you can spend a recovery (without healing) and cast the necromancer spell ghost form, except because you are a spirit and not a ghost, your ability to heal while under the effect of the spell isn’t changed. (See 13 True Ways page 91 for ghost form, and as usual you’ll cast the spell at your level or one level below.)

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