Tiefling / Demon-touched

Racial Bonus

Tieflings gain +2 to either Strength or Intelligence

Curse of Chaos (Racial Power)

Once per battle as a free action when a nearby enemy rolls a natural 1–5 on an attack or a save, turn their roll into a natural 1 and improvise a further curse that shows how their attempt backfires horribly.

A curse should have about the same impact as a typical once-per-battle ability. For example, a typical curse might lead to the cursed attacker dealing half damage to themself with their fumbled attack and being dazed until the end of their next turn. The GM may reward storytelling flair and/or limit the suggested effects of the curse.

Champion Feat: Whenever a nearby enemy rolls a natural 1 on an attack against you, you can use curse of chaos against them without expending it.

Racial Feats

Dark Omen (Tiefling)

Source DaTP

Adventurer Feat Whenever you are reduced to zero hit points or fail a death save, choose a nearby enemy. That enemy has disadvantage on their next attack roll or save, whichever comes first.

Infernal Skin (Tiefling)

Source DaTP

Adventurer Feat You gain resist fire 16+. You have advantage on saving throws against ongoing fire damage.

Succubus Blood (Tiefling)

Source DaTP

Adventurer Feat You have advantage on Charisma-based skill checks when using seduction to get what you want. However, a failure with both rolls being odd means that you now have to deal with unwanted attention.


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