Racial Bonus

Twygzog gain a +2 bonus to either Strength or Constitution.

Fungal Biology (Racial Power)

Once battle per battle when you fail a saving throw (including a death save), reroll the save and abide by the reroll.

Champion Feat: You gain a bonus to fungal biology saves equal to your Constitution modifier.

Racial Feats

Fungal Survivor (Twygzog)

Champion Feat: Whenever you would deal miss damage with a melee attack, you can choose to instead heal hit points equal to your level.

Racial Talents

Fungal Companion

You sprout a tiny fungal minion. Use the rules for the Wizard’s Familiar talent. Twygzogs who take this feat can have the fungal minion and a regular familiar or companion granted by class features or feats. In order to sprout a fungal companion you must spend a talent, replacing one of your class talents with the Fungal Companion talent.

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